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Tattoo Artist Central Texas

I have been in the tattoo industry for over nine years; which began with an apprenticeship in Germany. I have tattooed in Europe from Kaiserslauturn to  the beaches of Miami in the United States. I am now currently working in Texas near the Military base of Fort Hood at Kingpin Tattoo Studio.

Painting is another passion of mine. I work with Oils, liquid acrylics and Charcoal as other mediums which are posted for sale on the site. I have a preference for custom work in both my tattoos and paintings. I take requests and enjoy working with people who have a strong direction in the art they wish to obtain. Whether it be a small piece, a sleeve, or to a canvas, the customer’s satisfaction in the finished piece is the single most important thing.

Always request an artist’s portfolio to verify experience, ability, and talent. Feel free to ask questions & remember the end result is what matters most, nothing more.

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