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Does drinking alcohol make a person bleed more?

If you were drinking heavily the night before it gives the alcohol time to thin out your blood. That may cause you’re body to bleed more throughout a tattoo. I do not tattoo drunk people. If you’ve been drinking I’ll tell you to come back when you’re sober. If you’re afraid of the pain I do offer topical anesthetics.

If I have a dark skin tone will colors show?

It depends on how darkness of the skin tone. Color will always remain. It may simply be a darker shade. The best to convey the difference is, take a tan or brown piece of construction paper. Color in a yellow or pink crayon and the end result will be the shade of your tone. Of course, it will differs from one individual to the next.

What is Red Ink allergy that I keep hearing about?

Red ink is currently the only color that no current tattoo ink manufacturer has developed to be hypo-allergenic. Ink makers have produced the majority of their colors hypo-allergenic, so you only need to worry about red if you have allergies to certain pigments. If you do have a reaction to the red ink, the only action you can take is to continue to take care of your tattoo as you normally would. Like all things, time heals. By all means, do not scratch the itch. I have different shades of reds made by various companies. I have had customers allergic to one brand and not the other. It is entirely dependent upon the makeup of your body. Reaction to red ink it may results in bumps (much like a rash), dry itchy skin, pigment may turn pink and then back to red, and possibly a longer healing process.

Should you be afraid to get tattooed with red ink?

In my professional opinion, No. Any reactions that you may or may not experience will subside in time. And you won’t even know you’re allergic until after the finished product. I don’t think it should make a person afraid to get a color tattooed on them.

Do you require deposits?

Yes, deposits are required in order to lock in your appointment date and time. It varies dependent on the tattoo. For a small tattoo the deposit is $40. For a larger piece the deposit is $100. The deposit is applied to the total price of the tattoo. If you  are unable to keep your appointment and do not notify in advance, your deposit is not refundable. I advise to avoid this at all cost. My intent is to provide you with the ink you desire in a timely manner.

What steps do I need to take after receiving my tattoo?

The most important thing to remember for the care of your tattoo is : KEEP IT CLEAN! When we are done, I will place plastic wrap over the tattooed area. Take it off in an hour or whenever you get home. Then wash it and do not recover the area; allow your tattoo to breathe. Wear a shirt you wouldn’t mind getting dirty for the next two days in the event that plasma continues to leak out. Feel free to take a shower. If any soaps or shampoos burn the area, discontinue use. Try a milder soap such as Dial body wash. Shower with water that is comfortable to you. The area will be sensitive. Pat dry.

I recommend using a product called Aquaphor to aid the healing process. You can purchase Aquaphor at your local Walgreens or Walmart. It will be located in the Eucerin section in the lotion isle. Another product you can use is A&D. A&D is located in the baby section of your local Walgreens or Walmart. I prefer Aquaphor over A&D due to the fact that A&D has a greasier texture and can clog the pores around the tattooed area. That can result in some people breaking out. Your tattoo takes two weeks to heal. I recommend using Aquaphor for one week and for the second week to switch to a fragrance free body lotion. * You don’t want to apply too much of any product to your tattoo. A pea sized amount should be fine. Moisturize into your tattoo. You never want it to be too greasy. Eucerin and Lubriderm are great examples. Avoid the thicker lotions even if they are fragrance free.